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PAvCon Europe Committee   2017 - 2019

The Past

The PAvCon event started in 2009 built upon three successful police aviation conferences undertaken by the same team in earlier years. Since 2009 PAvCon has attracted speakers from across the globe and subject matter has included; the laser threat, high rise building escape, major events, surveillance, innovation, tactics and a range of technical presentations.For the sake of continuity of thought, purpose and execution we have a core team that seeks to challenge established thinking and processes in bringing you a thought provoking three-days of discussion and networking.We are a team focused on the subject of law enforcement aviation. Our target market is middle and lower management planners and decision makers– the primary people who influence the final shape of the purchase.

The Future

As a continuation of PAvCon, PAvConEurope (PAvConE) seeks to further cooperation and information transfer between the various European Public Order (Air Support) Agencies. As requested by active members of the Agencies that make up the 2017 – 2019 PAvConE Committee, PAvConE will strive to increase the catchment area of potential interest (within Europe and beyond)  while explaining the advantages of understanding a ‘FRAT’ and at the same time hammering home the very real dangers inherent in an IIMC. 

After spending over 30 years in London’s Metropolitan Police [1965-1996] and researching police and emergency services aviation Bryn set up a newsletter for the industry that has now evolved into the free access monthly e-magazine Police Aviation News [PAN]. PAN was one of the first of many such e-magazines to become available and has evolved to cover all airborne aspects of the emergency services. After Alexander Shephard invited him to assist with the programme content of a new series of Police Aviation Conferences in 06 three similar conferences were organised in the UK and Netherlands [2006/2007/2008]. PAvCon is a continuation and development of the original Shephard formula.

In 1993-94 Joseba spent 18 months with the Spanish Foreign Legion Special Operations Battalion and earned the Spanish Foreign Legion Green Beret. In 1995-96 he attended the Basque Country Police Academy, passing out to serve in three different police precincts across Basque Country on police patrol duties and as a bodyguard in a VIP Protection Squad. Whilst so serving, from 2001-2003 he entered flight training and gained a PPL (H) and progressed to a CPL (H), gaining entry to the Basque Country Police Department Helicopter Unit. Since 2003 he has flown police AS350 B2, EC135T1 and SA365C3 on police and rescue missions and is currently a pilot rated as PIC for both police and SAR missions with a flight time in excess of 2,000 hours. He has the ICAO SMS course and since 2014 he is a Board Member of the Spanish Commercial Pilots Guild. He also collaborated as a translator and SAR training instructor with the Argentina Policía Federal in Buenos Aires.

President - Bryn Elliott

Chairman - Gareth Davies

Aviation is in his blood. His father was in the RAF and Gareth moved across to take up a position at the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC), Darmstadt, Germany in 1976. After moving to Germany he subsequently landed a job on the first rung of the computer ladder and four years later was in the Main Control Room, in a mission operations capacity, and after another four years in Spacecraft control operations. He was appointed Chairman of the Police Aviation Conference at the Olympia Conference Centre in London and has been the Resident Chairman for each of the events since.

Manfred Bleyer - Austria

Joseba Mendizabal - Spain

Harald Brink - Netherlands

Luc Stremersch - Belgium

Mihael Avbelj - Slovenia

Oliver Przybilski - Germany

Mihael started his aviation career in Slovenian flag carrier Adria Airways, where he worked as licensed maintenance engineer on DC-9/MD-80, Airbus 320 and several types of small airplanes. He joined Slovenia Police Air Support Unit in 1997. He currently holds a position of Quality, Compliance and Safety Manager for maintenance and EMS/mountain rescue part of its flight operations. He is a sworn police officer. After joining Slovenia Police Air Support Unit , he was responsible for maintenance planning and documentation and introduced Part 145 standard in its in-house maintenance department. In parallel, he became flight technician – FLIR and winch operator and has years of experience as a technical crew member on many police missions, EMS flights and mountain rescue winch operations, and became flight technician-instructor on these missions. He is active in international cooperation, being elected two terms as PACE secretary, was a member of EU AGIS 2005 project steering group, dealing with crossborder police air support and is active in Air Rescue Commission of international mountain rescue association IKAR. He also completed police air observer course to UK standards and did on-job training with RAF SAR 202. Squadron.

Who Is PAvCon Europe?

Based with the Dutch Police Air Support Unit based at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol-East since 2009 Harald has been a police officer since the early 1990s. The unit operates two satellite offices, one at Rotterdam-The Hague Airport and one at Volkel AFB. The Netherlands operate a fleet of six Airbus Helicopters EC135 P2+ and two Leonardo AW139 helicopters has 32 pilots and 22 TFOs to cover the whole of the Netherlands and a large part of the North Sea (Coats Guard patrols). This last task is undertaken with the AW139.

Harald started to work for the police 25 years ago, first in patrol in the city of The Hague, later on transferred to the National Police Force doing a range of duties. Since 2009 he

has been a TFO in the Air Support Unit. Progressing to be a TFO instructor and examiner for both types of helicopters since 2012. Harald joined PAvCon for the first time in 2013

and became an ALEA member in 2014. He is an enthusiastic exponent of the networking between ASUs in and outside Europe. Share with and listen/learn from each other,  especially in the times we are in right now….

About Us

Belgium Federal Police Air Support Unit . Based at Brussels International Airport , Military side . We operate a fleet of 4 MD902’s , 2 MD520’s and 2 Cessna 182’s . Also we have now 2 drones , 3 and 4th will be ordered this year . The Aviation Unit consists of 9 pilots and 10  TFOs. We have 2 drone pilots , with an official civil License , 2 other guys have to do their exams and will be also drone pilots. I started to work for the unit when the unit was formed in 1993 , so 24 years now in 2017  , first Avionics Consultant , than TFO , Camera Operator , Drone Pilot ; I have in total more than 7000 flight hours on Alouette II , Puma , Britten Norman , Cessna , MD902 and MD502 . ALEA member 1994 , IR specialist . Camera specialist ( L3 , FLIR , Zeiss , Cineflex ).Co-founder of PACE in the Nineties . Big fan of networking between Air Support Units …..

Glenn Daley - USA - International consultant and Speaker

Glenn served with the New York City Police Department from 1981 to 2004. During his 23 year career he held numerous enforcement assignments including assignment to the Emergency Service Unit. His duties there included liaison to military special operations units and as counter-terrorism instructor. Glenn holds a Master of Aeronautical Science Degree from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University with specialisation in Aviation/Aerospace Safety Systems and Operations. In 1993 he was assigned to the Aviation Unit in the rank of Sergeant as a Pilot/Operations Supervisor. In 2000 he was promoted to Lieutenant and continued to serve in the Aviation Unit performing the duties of SAR Pilot, Instructor Pilot and Platoon Commander until his retirement in 2004. From 2000 until 2008 he held the position of Northeast Director for the Airborne Law Enforcement Association

responsible for the Northeast US and Europe and that brought him into contact with those in the region in what was to evolve into the event we now know as PAvCon.

Captain Daley currently serves as a pilot in the New York City metro area. Additionally he provides law enforcement aviation operations and safety consulting worldwide.

Oliver is currently the Head of the Training and Coaching Division of the Federal Police Regional Office 11, a new agency that merges the specialized forces GSG 9, Federal Police Air Support Group, Mission and Investigation Support, Sky Marshall Service, Closed Protection Team and the deposit units since August 1, 2017. As previous responsibilities include Deputy Head Flight Operations of one of the squadrons of the Federal Police Air Support, Head of Quality System Fight operations and Head of Office Flight Operations of the Federal Police Air Support Group he comes with impressive pedigree, as these ‘titles’ hide a multitude of experience and talent. Prior to that he was a flight instructor for the EC 120 and EC 135 platforms.

Pilot, Austrian Air Support unit, Vienna

PAvCon Europe

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