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‘PAvCon Europe - The Networking Continues’

“And the font of all world police aviation knowledge”
Neil Jeffrey

Intelligence and Covert Support Command VICTORIA POLICE

"Bryn, Gareth, I love the idea behind PAvCon, creating a network of Police aviators in Europe and abroad, together with the industry, but without the character of a sales event. I will continue to support this idea, if it is sustainable in the future gentlemen. It was a great pleasure to work with you in the last seven years. We will not lose contact and I'm looking forward to every issue of PAN and especially to meeting you again.

 Thomas Helbig M.A.

Head of German Federal Police Air Support Group

‘I have been involved with safety education a shorter time than many of you, so what I have to say is something all of you are painfully aware of. It has been one of the most rewarding things I have done in my lifetime. Knowing that the events I have been involved in have somehow contributed to the safety of aircrews and/or the communities they serve is priceless. That reward has come with the nearly constant frustration of knowing those most in need of professional education are the ones that fail to participate, usually because they do not think they need it. I admit that it has drug my spirits down many times, especially when it has been my own people!! 

As just a participant of the event organized by those of you who put so much work into it, let me tell you that great things were accomplished to the benefit of our industry. One of the characteristics of people such you fine gentlemen that I admire greatly is the ability to shoulder these frustrations and continue forward regardless. I know for a fact that without PAvCon, the accident numbers I give at the beginning of my presentation would be higher. It is a great honour to be a part of this group and I look forward to continuing to fight the good fight with you all’ 

Bryan Smith

Airborne Law Enforcement Association  Safety Officer

What is PAvCon Europe?

PAN/PAvCon has now morphed into PAvCon Europe. It is an association of active airborne public order support experts and specialists dedicated to the further training, information transfer  thereby driving increased safety of colleagues everywhere.


The conference brings with it opportunities for attendees to learn from others the positive and negative aspects of areas of operation they may never have experienced or even considered, to see first-hand what new products industry is working on or considering and how other operational units deal with common problems.


Many of the attendees, both speakers and delegates, are experts in their field. For the length of the conference this knowledge is a few paces away for all attendees.


It is interacting with International colleagues, industry leaders and sales staff that is at the core of PAvCon. Contacts made on the floor of the conference and its associated commercial exhibition can be a key to future help and inspiration in the workplace for decades ahead. It is not what you know but who you know and year on year PAvCon offers the opportunity to meet many of these useful contacts. The principle is that there are no secrets and everyone can learn from knowing how operations work and what advances are likely or required in the future. Police officers do not invent or develop aviation, they simply use it as a tool, but industry can potentially develop products against an identifiable need. PAvCon facilitates that link.

‘PAvCon Europe - The Networking Continues’

“What is said about us”


Request from our Dutch ASU colleague.

PAvCon 2018

Since January 2015, 9 major terrorist attacks have been committed within Europe. Think of the attacks in Brussels, Paris, London, Barcelona, Stockholm and Berlin. A part of the police deployment during and immediately after these attacks was Air Support. Air Support for observation, for detection, for transport of special units, etc. Hours, maybe days of flight time after the aforementioned attacks. Every unit to the best of its ability with all possible means and especially with their own techniques and tactics.

What we know for sure:

• In the (near) future, more terrorist attacks will follow in Europe;

• These attacks will also take place in countries where no attack has been made so far;

• Air support units for support. With fixed wing, UAVs and helicopters.

As mentioned, there are Air Support Units in Europe with terrorist attack experience. They have accumulated hours of "experience" in how an air asset can be used as effectively as possible. They also have experiences in tactics which have not proved to be effective.

These experiences, positive and/or negative, have emerged and discussed within the units in a major debriefing? Based on that, have adjustments been made to the SOPs? But have these experiences also been shared with, for example, neighbouring countries? With the European colleagues? What are the do's and don'ts for ASUs during such a mission? What when it becomes a  cross-border operation? What is the nearest air asset is one from a foreign country? Are conversations possible via police radios, except for VHF or UHF?

I think PAvCon 2018 and PAvCon 2019 are the places to come together and have a meeting on this subject. PAvCon 2018 to share experiences and make a start with a kind of SOP for ASUs how to deal with terrorist attacks and PAvCon 2019 to endorse it as a sort of blueprint.

With this, PAvCon Europe cordially invites the colleagues of the European Police Air Support Units, in particular the Gendarmerie Nationale (France), the Air Support Department of the Federal Police (Belgium), the National Police Air Service (UK), the Mossos d'Esquadra (Barcelona), Guardia Civil (Spain), Polisflyget (Sweden) and the colleagues of the Bundespolizei Fliegerstaffel (Germany), to share their experiences during PAvCon 2018 with all other units present and to come to a do  and do not list in case of a deployment in response to a terrorist attack.

Harald Brink - Dutch Police Air Support Unit

PAvCon Europe

Grosssoelk 29


Stein an der Enns




Above, photos from Pavcon Europe 2018

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